Grace for the Raging Storm

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Suddenly, without warning everything changed in one catastrophic moment. With unbridled fury, the devastating automobile accident left Phyllis seriously injured and alone. Not only was she facing the possibility of never being able to walk again, her husband had not survived the head-on collision with two teenagers joyriding in a stolen car at 130 miles per hour. Because she survived this violent storm that threatened to destroy her life, Phyllis can share her compelling and inspirational story illuminating God's provision of Grace in the midst of unrelenting grief and pain.


In January 2010, Phyllis' Story was aired on Words To Live By radio program. The broadcast was heard on over 325 stations around the world. Phyllis, along with her daughter Cheryl, shared how God's faithfulness through the dark valley of grief and pain proved to be their only source of hope and strength. You can listen to the full length program (25 minutes) by the link below:


Phyllis' Story: Radio Interview


Phyllis has recently shared her story with and been featured in a Blog on Widows Christian Place. You can read the full Blog by clicking on the link below:


Widow's Christian Place: Phyllis Vavold


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